Manifold ASIC Repair Academy

Your one-stop guide to Bitmain Miner repair.

Wish you could have all the hard to find repair documentation, files, tools, programs all in one place? Wish you could diagnose a failure with ease, perfectly execute a component or chip replacement, and permanantly resolve intermittent, finicky, or troublesome issues every time?

Whether you're a seasoned professional looking to learn more and get ahead of the game, a hobbyist looking to save a buck on repair fees, or a farm manager that wants to fast track a brand new repair technician to 120% profficency in a matter of weeks, you're in the best place.

What we offer

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Standard Repair Course

Learn how to repair all common Bitmain miner & hashboard problems and solve them with confidence and ease.

Fully online and asynchronous

8+ Units of content

Covers 9 Series, 17 Series, and 19 series

All the repair, testing, and firmware files you need - in one, easy to access place

Beginner --> Intermediate

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Pro Repair Course

Everything included in the standard course, plus ... how to fix the advanced problems nobody else can, tips and tricks for intermittent problems, dealing with viruses, and all the trade secrets Bitmain doesn't want you to know and how you can take advantage.

Fully online and asynchronous

8 Standard modules + 8 Pro modules

Covers 9 Series, 17 Series, and 19 Series Miners

Everything in standard and more

Beginner or Intermediate --> Pro


1. Taught by experts

Each one of the people involved with the creation of this course has years of ASIC and electronic repair experience. We're so good at what we do that in the past we have purchased large quantities of "unrepairable" or "for parts" hashboards that other repair centers had given up on, then fixed over 95% of them in under two weeks. Bet you don't hear that one every day.

2. Built to help you succeed

With quizzes at the end of each lesson designed to help you apply what you've learned, an asynchronous platform that allows you to rewatch and refresh on material whenever you need it, and an after-completion Discord channel for continued learning, it has never been harder to fail.

3. Straight to the point

Everything in our course is explained in simple, easy to understand terms. You don't need to know how every single mechanism in your car works in order to drive it, and ASIC repair is the same. Unlike other courses, we won't waste your time by explaining concepts that won't improve your repair efficiency, or hand wave difficult concepts off to badly translated repair guides. For example, we won't waste time or cause confusion explaining how a PIC chip works, instead we'll show you how to tell if it isn't, and how to replace it if that's the case.

4. The Archives

When you purchase this course, you also gain access to our archives. A folder stored in the cloud (you can access it from anywhere) filled with firmware, test jig files, pic files and more that is constantly growing and being contributed to. No more painful searching and begging across ten different forums to find just the right file or program you need to get your miner functional again. It's that easy.

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What do I get after the course is complete?

A certificate of completion, access to a private discord channel that corresponds to your course level (Standard or Pro) that has peers and our own seasoned technicians for answering questions and getting guidance even after the course is finished.

Why did you start this Academy?

When we tried to train our technicians, we found that other online courses were chaotic, and only provided a very surface level knowledge, often referencing badly translated repair guides instead of actually teaching anything. The only way to become proficient was through extremely expensive, time consuming, hard to schedule in person courses.

Why are you willing to give away valuable industry trade secrets instead of keeping them for yourself?

Mining has become more and more centralized due to the emergence of ASIC mining. We're doing our part to keep the power and control in the hands of smaller operations for as long as possible. Besides, we should probably give our competitors a fighting chance anyways.

Do you have Whatsminer and/or Innosilicon courses coming soon?

Check back at a later date. It's in the pipeline.

Will I be able to fix every Bitmain hashboard issue under the sun?

After completing the pro course, you'll be able to repair well over 95% of issues. The remaining 5% of boards that are too far gone can be used for parts to fix all the rest.

Do I miss anything by taking an online course instead of an in person one?

No. In fact, quite the opposite. With our courses, you can rewatch and rewind as many times as you'd like so you never miss or forget anything. You don't miss work for the duration of the in person training program, or need to pay exorbitant travel costs to reach a training site. Our quizzes and recommended practice assignments provide the same benefits that an in person course would provide, and our after training group can answer questions and provide feedback in the same way. To top it all off, even without factoring in travel and hotel fees, our online course is still less expensive.

What if I want to repair Bitmain hashboards not covered in the course such as an L7 or Z15?

By applying the techniques taught in these courses and utilizing our archives (they also contain test jigs and pic files for miners not yet covered in the course), we are confident you'll be able to repair any Bitmain miner (and maybe even miners from other brands as well).

Is this course officially sanctioned by Bitmain?

No. In fact, as of December 22nd, 2022. Bitmain decided to terminate all Bitmain official and partner training programs in favor of forcing their customers to use only their own repair centers to fix even the most basic issues.

Are the courses available right now?

We are still polishing up our lessons. We want to avoid confusion and make sure everything is entirely complete before we make the course available so you don't have to search back through and look for changes or updates at a later date. Our scheduled launch date is February 1st, 2023. All purchases after that date will have instant access, however, they won't enjoy the pre-order discount!

I have another question

Shoot an email to and we'll get back to you ASAP

Both the Standard and Pro courses will be available starting Feb 1st, 2023.

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